When You Absolutely Positively Don't Want To Be Mistaken For Normal

Happy New Year from the Barko Toy Co.

Hello Everybody out there in the Land of Make Believe~

Though on a universal scale time is an abstract measurement relative to the observer, here on earth most creatures* are ruled by the cadence of a delicately choreographed Dosey Doe between earth, moon and sun. The Winter Solstice marks the last day of the year astrologically but some humans (in their enthusiasm to control time and space) have designated a specific day to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

Despite the fact that not all cultures agree on any particular day for this celebration (due to the limited knowledge of astrophysics on the part of their ancestral spiritual leaders) almost all celebrate their chosen day with jubilation and genuine anticipation for the next spin of the big blue ball.

Here at the Barko Toy Company we share in that jubilance. With our grand opening only a couple weeks behind us, we look forward to the year 2020 and all the possibilities it holds.

The Barko Toy Companies New Years Resolutions:

1. Make strange stuff for weird people.
2. Learn how to needle felt miniature circus punks.
3. Do something kind for someone every day.
4. Enter an art contest.
5. Teach the cats how to do my taxes.

Stay tuned for all kinds of strange and exciting weirdness we have planned for this year including an advice column “Ask Docktor Barko”* and new products like Fanny Packs and Hoodies!

1. Though most of the creatures on this planet set their daily routines according to the seasons as dictated by the earths wobble, some creatures dwell deep underground and are more affected by fluctuations in the earths magnetic core than they are it's path around the sun.

2. Disclaimer: Dr. Barko is not a licensed doctor but he has had CPR training and dabbles in amateur pharmacology.

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